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Cherry Angioma Removal Lichfield

Cherry angioma is a red, small, and harmless skin growth which commonly occurs in adults. These angiomas are clumps of over-grown cells which are derived from within the blood vessel or the vascular endothelium.
Most commonly, cherry angioma begins to appear around the age of 30 to 40, and some estimates are suggesting that most adults have this at least one at the age of 70.

Symptoms are just limited to the appearance and presence of angiomas. These are commonly spotted on the shoulder, back, and chest and appear small, blue or black, purple and reds skin bumps. Find out more about us!

Although treatment is not really necessary, some wanted to remove these skin bumps for cosmetic reasons.

For whatever reasons there may be, we are here to help you in your desire for safe and effective cherry angioma removal.

As your most trusted specialist, we will offer you the best procedures or treatment options available to accomplish this.

Getting Rid of Cherry Angiomas-We Recommend Removal with CryoPen Lichfield

Getting rid of cherry angiomas is highly possible, and there are helpful treatment options individuals can try, such as:
But aside from these, there is another specific and more effective cherry angioma treatment worth considering, and that is CryoPen.

We allow our clients to access a new innovation in cherry angioma removal. This is an advanced treatment to safely and painlessly destroy the superficial lesions in the surface of the skin like scars, warts, verrucae, skin tags, cherry angiomas, and more.

What is Cryopen treatment?

CryoPen treatment is pain-free and simple, and this removes cherry angiomas permanently. It doesn’t use liquid nitrogen and is predictable and reliable.

This treatment procedure is widely known to utilize cryotherapy technology. Cryo actually means “icy cold.” This includes the utilization of high pressure jet of nitrous oxide that is directed into the specific spot being treated.

Cherry angiomas removal is being carried out by our professional specialists and also dealt with by our qualified dermatologist consultant.

If you are considering this treatment option for your cherry angioma removal, you can contact us anytime. Cryopen treatment is a permanent removal so you can expect for satisfying results.


*This is an advanced, safe, effective and new solution for cherry angioma removal and other skin imperfections. Procedures usually last from 5-25 seconds; therefore, you can be out of the salon or clinic quickly.

*CryoPen emits fine nitrous oxide jet under such a high pressure. This allows working with precision. This tends to destroy tissues through freezing the intercellular fluid that forms ice crystals and shards that ruptures the membranes, which further destroys the cells. This simply means that the procedure won’t damage the healthy tissues. This is ultimately practical and accurate.
*No, this treatment is also ideal for permanent removal of warts, viral verrucae, milia, age spots, skin tags and more.
*CryoPen is a low-risk treatment but very minor side effects might occur as a result of this treatment. These include pigmentary changes, shards of the frozen ice, nerve damage, and damage on hair follicles. There is also a slight discomfort and mild stinging after the treatment. CryoPen ultimately removes unwanted and unsightly cherry angiomas and other skin issues like age spots, warts, and more. This is the key to achieving that amazingly perfect finish.

Customers reviews

Cryopen removed my Cherry Angioma in not time at all with no pain
After had botox many times i wanted something that lasted longer so tried Hifu and so far its working really well
LA Lipo Lichfield gave us a great deal and amazing service so overall happy.
Mike & Sarah